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Elevated Dining Experience

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Prepare to elevate your culinary experience with our 5 course cannabis fine dining dinner event. 

Choose from a variety of "Herbal" infusions or choose not to have infused cuisine if your just interested in learning more about cannabis!

Dinner package includes a welcome cocktail, 5 wine and food pairings, staff and all necessary rentals.

This event will last approximately 3.5 hours and is customizable.


Includes 12 people; $200 per additional guest.

Cannabis Cocktail Party

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Enhance your cocktail experience by adding Canadas newest legal ingredient! Allow The Cannabis Sommelier to show you and your guests how to infuse your favourite cocktail(s). 

Choose your venue and we bring the rest!


This event is customizable and will last approximately 3 hours.

3 infused cocktails $2000*

Includes up to 18 people; $125 per additional guest. 

Wine Pairing Event

cannabis and wine , weed and wine, cannabis sommelier, the cannabis sommelier, andrew freedman

With some of the best cannabis the world has to offer, you will learn the intricacies of pairing cannabis and wine (or beer) using techniques taught by The Cannabis Sommelier.

Your event may be an intimate "knights at the round table" style or "cocktail party" style where guests are able to mingle and approach our cannabis pairing expert. 

This event is customizable and will last approximately 3 hours.

3 cannabis strains (incl. wine/beer) $1800*

5 cannabis strains (incl. wine/beer) $2200*

*up to 18 people; $125 per additional guest. 

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